To make good business decisions, you need to identify your most important business metrics, and how they are performing. We’ll analyze your data to isolate and track only those key indicators that will lead to improvements in your business and are required for guiding strategic decisions.

Let focalCenter perform the studies your team needs to maximize performance or capitalize on new ophthalmic opportunities. Our research can help with launching, improving or gaining valuable insights about an eyecare product, service, location or optical business. Our studies can either validate the investment and efforts your organization is contemplating - or find that your plans require re-tooling, thus saving your business wasted time and money. 

focalCenter’s quantitative work focuses on the vision industry numbers from surveys, operational or financial data. Our qualitative research gets behind the figures to understand needs, wants, opinions, experiences attitudes, and motivations.

Its been said, “Not everything that can be counted counts”. At focalCenter we focus on the right metrics - those that are key drivers of your business outcomes. We are skilled in asking the right questions and interpreting the results, producing objective insights that you can act on with confidence.