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focalCenter is a vision industry consultancy with extensive experience conducting market research including multiple studies about patient satisfaction, experience, and managed vision care. focalCenter develops science based questionnaires, gathers patient and provider information, analyzes data sets with statistical tools, and builds benchmarking dashboards.

Founded in 2010, focalCenter developed eyecareScore®, the first standardized, and validated benchmarking instrument for measuring and reporting the eyecare patient experience with their eyecare provider, staff, optical and vision plan. focalCenter issues syndicated research reports utilizing qualitative survey science methods including literature reviews, focus groups, and cognitive testing. We also use quantitative methods such as statistics, data modeling, predictive analytics, factor and psychometric analyses, correlation studies, and validity and reliability testing, AB testing, 

Ronald Krefman, OD, FAAO is the founder and CEO of focalCenter. Dr Krefman has been in the eyecare industry for 30+ years. He has served as University of Illinois Medical School faculty, private practice optometrist, founder of an innovative reading glass company and editor of eyecare journals. Dr. Krefman has post graduate training in psychometrics and patient reported outcomes at Harvard. Dr. Krefman served as principal investigator for multiple clinical trials/effectiveness studies, has authored more than 20 peer-reviewed publications, and has patents issued for eyecare products.