We treat surveys as scientific measuring instruments. eyecareScore® is our standardized, statistically validated and benchmarked survey that gives you precise measurement of the patient experience - vital to understanding where eyecare businesses are exceeding or falling short of patient expectations - now, over time and compared to your peers. Our research into eyecare patient experiences identified the most important questions to ask and touchpoints to survey and measure - those impressionable moments proven to deepen or divide your relationship with your patients.

The copyrighted eyecareScore® question set is sensitive and specific enough to detect those small differences in patient experiences that can have a large impact on your practice. Only the most important touchpoints are probed - with validated, benchmarked questions. The scales and order have all been tested so that comparisons over time and to your peers are statistically and scientifically sound.

As many eyecare businesses rely on outstanding service as their differentiator, eyecareScore® measures patient-centeredness - often the missing link in improving your business performance. We organize the data into meaningful insights so that at a glance, you’ll understand your strengths and weaknesses positively shape the future of your practice and improve the bottom line. eyecareScore® is especially useful for multiple providers or locations. It's a simple yet very powerful tool for tracking, comparing and improving business.