Are Vision Plan Patient Experiences Colored by Frustrated ECPs?

82% of ECPs rate reimbursement as the most important attribute of a plan, yet after joining, only 21% cited their reason for joining a plan was for the reimbursement – 68% cited fear of lost patients if they didn’t enroll. Only 9% of ECPS rated the vision plans with providing excellent customer satisfaction (C-Sat). So, could ECP dissatisfaction with plan reimbursement color their perception of Vision Plan patient experiences? see more…

How do patients perceive their experiences when using vision coverage?

This is among the many questions related to managed vision care answered in Jobson Optical Research’s new “2014 Managed Vision Care Patient Experience Study.” In addition to aggregate results determined from the thousands of consumers surveyed, the report also includes specific data and in-depth analysis of 15 different managed vision care plans. See more at: